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These three topics should be optimised before investing in paid marketing channels

Keyword Research

Rather than passively adding words to your website. Researching keywords gives you an insight as to the needs and the trends, in order to engage with visitors, followers, customers, and prospects.

This is a crucial step when considering any marketing investment online.

This is the first step in formulating sustainable growth.

Content Audit

It's crucial your content satisfies the most common queries for potential visitors. As well as, ensuring seamless site structure for smooth navigation.

The two key concepts to focus on are tight, relevant themes and contributing quality content.

When visitors can comfortably navigate your site and understand what you are trying to say, they are prone to convert.

Technical Review

Identifying the specific elements to optimise can save you a lot of time making unnecessary changes to your site.

Testing small changes and measuring results is the recipe for success.

With the right adjustments made, search engine bots can more effectively index your site and therefore reward you with a better ranking.


Our contribution to the world so far…

Query validation for app design
Website redesign from a SEO foundation
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Audit of website
Client Journey Map
Client Journey Map for PwC Experience Center (NDA)

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