About Us

Findzy is about working with people who inspire!

Who We Are

International expertise, locally based. 

An agency dedicated to developing a stable foundation for you to grow your marketing campaigns. 

We are ‘doers’ who believe that you have the strategy in-hand.

Findzy helps you implement it. 

Our Mission

To work with people who inspire us. 

Inspiration is crucial. Therefore, we have it at the core of what we do.

The inspiration we get from our clients provides the context for telling your story. 


What We Do

The Growth for your Success



It starts with you, what is your strategy?

From a Service Design perspective, we can get an overview of what you want to accomplish.

Understanding and aligning on the big picture.



Recognising users, what are they asking?

Utilising the processes from User Experience Design, we investigate user intent.

Identifying the questions that you have the answers to.



Where do you stand?

Heuristic evaluation of the site and targeting low-hanging fruit for quick results. 

Reviewing the performance of your site and benchmarking it. 



Once we know, where do we start?

Based off the research and competition analysis, we can create content templates based on user insights.

Understanding the value that you provide, targeting those keywords, and the keywords of your competitors.  



How to act on those insights?

Creating content that is ripe for testing is the key to generating organic, sustainable momentum. 



Keeping the momentum.

Once all the internal aspects are active and the communication established, monitoring the traffic is made simple with analytical tools provided by the search engines. 

Is Findzy the right choice?

SEO is a long process that is crucial if your goal is to understand your audience and grow sustainably.

In a world with so much content, how do you ensure your message gets to the right people?

We want to help clients who seek to inspire their audience. 

If you are someone who values honesty and inspiration as much as we do, then it’s time to reach out